Ways to label disks?



Hi, i want to label my disks but there not the ones with the pintable surface, can anyone suggest something else?(not writing in pen)


Either Lightscribe discs (and a Lightscribe drive, of course), or printable discs with a printer that can do discs. There is Labelflash (similar to LS), but I think only certain NEC drives can do that?

There may be other options that I’m not aware of, but those are the two that spring to mind…failing that, it’s a good ol’ CDR pen :bigsmile:


I just use sticky labels, not the big full face labels but if its just a title I use thin minidisc spin labels, although you can easily purchase A4 stick label sheets and make thin strips to write on those, or , Ive used a pencil to write on the top surface of cd’s before also, it might not do them much good but I havent had any problems.


ok would using standard labels and cutting them into strips then stcking them to the disc damage playback atall?


Sticky labels on DVDs are a no-go. :disagree:
It’s been demonstrated again and again that they negatively impact the readability of the discs. It’s a very well known issue, on this board an many other boards.

Read there: Sticky paper labels on DVDR: beware!

If you don’t want to go printable/Lalbelflash/Lightscribe, the only safe option you have is to write on your discs with a permanent marker like a “Sharpie”.


What so not even a tiny little white sticky label saying the disc title, not a full disk label.


I wouldn’t even do that, but that’s my preference.


This would probably induce other problems, like unbalance of the disc, + more risks of damaging the drive if the smaller label starts peeling off.

My opinion is: don’t bother, it’s not worth the try. :disagree:
Of course, it’s your call, but don’t say you haven’t been warned… :wink:


I’m content with a Sharpie (or CD pen) - it may not look pretty, but does what I need it to do.

If I wanted prettier discs, I’d buy a printer that can print discs, and printable discs. :slight_smile:


or even resort to lightscribe


ok i think il stick with the pen



@haveacigar…for some reason, LS has failed to grab me!


arg i should always read through the other posts before making suggestions :doh: oh well… anyway it hasnt interested me that much either, because the prices are so high. oh well buying a lightscribe burner anyway just incase the prices go down :iagree:


Yep, that’s why it hasn’t interested me…that, and the fact that I think I’d like colours if I was gonna have a pretty disc.

Any excuse to buy a new burner is a good one, though :bigsmile:


Same feeling here. Sharpie is fine for most discs, and when I really want a pretty look for some discs, printable discs + Canon IP4000 + glossy spray! :cool: - not interested at all in Lightscribe/Labelflash. :shrug:


Do someone read Dee-27’s review of glossy verbatim printable discs? I think that the best solution is still a printable media :iagree:

And anyway verbatim media are a good choice :slight_smile:


Yeah, definitly looks cool! :slight_smile:


Id only use lightscribe for cd-r’s… the printables are more expensive than the lightscribe for some reason


I have no direct experience with lighscribe/labelshash drives, but there are many people complaining software problems with these technologies. It seems something like nvidia/intel IDE drivers: some people have only problems and other have no problems at all :confused:


I haven’t read it yet, but I will make time to :slight_smile: