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I will use an example to explain my question. I’m using the latest version of Nero Burning ROM.

I currently create a bootable CD to run Ghost 2003. The way I do this is create a boot floppy from Win98SE MS-DOS and load all of the tools it can handle into that floppy. I then copy my Ghost.exe file and the remainder of my tools into a folder that I use for the file compilation.

I then choose a Boot CD compilation in Nero and specify the floppy as the source of the boot sector and use “Floppy emulation”. I add the folder files containing Ghost.exe to the compilation and burn. It works.

I also have WinImage. I would like to create a boot CD with “No Emulation” by using the image file (.imz) of the floppy. I tried this choosing “No emulation”, and the image file (.imz) of the floppy and it didn’t work. It probably would if I chose “Floppy Emulation”.

What do I need to do to create an image file with WinImage that works as the boot source in Nero with “No Emulation”?

Thanks for any replies!


Why can’t use floppy emulation? Afaik, floppy boot images are different than a cdrom boot image.


I can use floppy emulation, but would like to learn how to make a CD bootable without it (if that is possible for a non-programmer).


I believe windows os uses toledo emulation or something. Maybe google this and you’ll find some info.


OK, thanks. I take it that this isn’t something common hackers can do?


Generally, there is no reason to make a custom boot screen…


Originally posted by Andareed
I believe windows os uses toledo emulation or something. Maybe google this and you’ll find some info.

Close, it’s called ElTorito.

You have to do the floppy option, the way windows NT4/2K/XP boots is completely different to the floppy option.

To make WinImage read the floppy is to put floppy in, then Ctrl+R and it reads it, then you can change format too, to say 2.88MB, then add even more to it, then save to HDD, and then point nero to this Image, and now choose the Floppy 2.88MB option in boot settings.


Thanks for the information! It opens up some new possibilities for me.

Appreciate it!


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