Ways of emulating SD 2+

I was wondering… are there any ways of emulating sd 2+? Like any hd emulators or programs that can insert the sectors into an image?

Use the Search function to find out about this topic. Alternately check out the CD Backup Guides and Tutorials sub-forum.

An easy one for noobs is Damean Tools.

Good Idea:)

Daemon Tools Homepage

Just in case your search doesnt go so well:)

I thought daemon tools was blacklisted?

As far as I know DaemonTools is not blacklisted for SafeDisc 2.x so there won’t be any problems. Just the newest SafeDisc version maybe blacklisted using SafeDisc emulation.

Yeah even SD2.9 didnt introduce blacklisting.

Blacklisting has been around for a LONG time before SafeDisc 2.9.

I meant for that particular protection, sorry for any confusement i have caused.