Ways around the 120 min cap - teach me!



I’ve been using Nero 7 Premium to burn DVDs lately (single layered ones) and have been recently helping making DVD movies for my friend who doesnt have a DVD burner. The files are all .avi’s and I’ve been able to burn most, but ones that are really long dont seem to work.
The DVDs I have are standard DVD+R single layer, and they say they have a 4.7GB or 120 min limit. I’m wondering if the 120 minute limit is whats getting in the way, as when i try to burn using the DVD maker in nero startsmart, after it is done encoding I get a message that it fill not fit on the disc. I am burning these things from the hard disc.

My main question is if there is a way to fit these longer movies onto a single disc, and if so how? I have heard of DVD shrink but after messing with it I cannot figure out how to open files form hard drive (it wont open up the subfolder which contains the video files).

Ill give an example with all the information i can find about it to give you a clearer picture.
Length - 2h 07m 15s. Video mode- NTSC. Quality - Custom (4529 kbit/sec) Res = 704X480. Video = MPEG-2 Audio=Dolby Digital(AC-3)2.0. quality=good (at bottom it says that) 4.37/4.38GB used

If this movie needs to be shrink, also how bad will the quality get, assuming most of the movies im burning are less than a half hour over the 2 hour mark (most around 140 minutes or less). These also will not be watched on a HDTV at all, so is there any way that quality can be compromised only to the point where it still looks great on normal CRT TVs without all the fancy HD features?

Sorry for the long post and thank you very much for reading and any help you may be able to offer. If theres any more information I can give you feel free to ask, ill try to respond ASAP


has nothing to do w/ the minutes…that 120 minutes is the industry standard for dvd(like 4 or 5mb’s per second etc…)…u can also use “Nero Recode”…(basically dvd shrink)…also…open it up and find your way to the folder your .vob files are in and go from there…you can fit 3 hours onto a single layer disc…your situation though is not bad at all…you won’t notice any quality difference whatsoever

Here’s a guide to recode…It’s recode 2 but it looks virtually the same as the newer recode…also…Here’s a guide to Nero Vision that may help


Thanks for the quick response, nosmartz. A couple other questions concerning your response.
Mainly, where do .vob files come from? Is that what Nero vision encodes the .avi’s to right before it burns them to DVD? As of now the files are all still .avi of about 700 MB and when i try to navigate to any of these files through nero encode, i get the same problem which I had with dvdshrink, which is it will not let me open the final subfolder containing the .avi’s (instead it wants me to click on the folder as it was a file).
Also, do you have any suggestions on what to shrink (not sure how it works as i havent gotten nero recode 2 working), but is there a certain thing most people sacrifice first (such as different audio format or switch the video to non HD if possible). Again, these will be played on normal CRT non HD tvs and no surround sound or fancy speakers either. Thanks again!

PS: link to nero vision guide isnt working :frowning:


ok…u have to run those avi’s through nero vision express or another app that converts avi’s to vob(dvd)…after u do that and if the file is over 4.37 gb’s…u can run it through recode(shrink)…Using NVE should make all the avi’s into .vob’s files(dvd files)

the guide to NVE

doesn’t matter what u watch these dvd’s on(hd etc)…there not gonna make any visual difference…audio can’t be shrunk in recode…it stays the same…the only thing that gets shrunk in recode is the video…but i’m pretty sure that NVE will come up w/ a set of vob files from that avi way less than 4.37 gb’s…so using recode or dvd shrink probably won’t be necessary

if your gonna try and do vhs tapes or old home movies…chances are the file size(if the files end up a little bigger than 2 hours long)…you’ll have to shrink it a bit…not much though…visual difference is negligable