Way too confusing

Hi Guys,

I’m really confused as to which tools have which flaws… I’ve found many guides, all of which give little bits of info:
It seems that the general concensus at the moment points to the best software being:
DVDDecrypter->InstantCopy for quality.
AnyDVD-> CloneDVD for ease of use.

What I want to know is:

  1. I’ve heard that certain software isn’t good for removing features etc and causes problems when you try: Which software is good/bad for this sort of thing.

  2. Of the above 2 software solutions, does either excel above the other? In what ways?

  3. There is also a lot of talk about DVD Shrink. What are the benefits of using this software above the aforementioned.

  4. Certain software is better for epesodic dvds and other for single movies. Any opinions on this?

thanks in advance

DVDDecrypter>DVD2AVI>Avisynth>CCE>Scenarist for full backup, full quality.

Of the one click stuff DVDDecrypter>InstantCopy is probably best

DVDShrink might be better than InstantCopy now, I heard something about a deep scan, I’ve never tested it myself. Try both and see which looks better to you.

Regarding compatibility, stripping is the main thing that will cause major problems in standalones. You can strip with a lot of programs, IFOEdit does but that is not its primary use. Burning compatibility, Nero is NOT a good burning engine, despite what people say. Stick with ImgTools 0.89-0.90 and DVDDecrypter, DiscJuggler, etc to burn.


Your ripper should be able to handle

removal of Menus/Extras
remove Prohibited User Operations (not always desirable)
deal with and remove File Copy Protection
Detect Mastering Errors
Deal with non-linear video blocks
remove Region Coding
remove RC Enhancement
remove Analogue Copy Protection (Macrovision)

Not all rippers/transcoders can do all things