Way to test for burn quality?



Thanks everybody for having such a great community here :slight_smile:
I have read a lot for the last several days and finally got myself NEC 2500A yesterday!!! :cool:

Now, there is a good local sale on RICOHJPNR01 (Maxell +R 4x) DVD+Rs going on. (which ends today btw).
I managed to record a DVD on 8x with the Herrie’s 1.07Beta7 firmware! :stuck_out_tongue:
I was under impression, that i am going to test it with KProbe and see what the errors are cause that’s what everybody refers to.
Unfortunately, it took me several hours of extensive search to realize that Kprobe does not work on NEC :sad:

So my question is, what is the second best way to test for the errors?
And how for example can I say if this media really works well for my drive?
Also how do know if I should burn 8x or 4x on this media?



use nero dvd speed with a speed hacked liteon 166s as player
speed reads at 6x - 14x , a nice smooth line at 8x and its good.
Any big dips in the line, then burn the next at 6x
and so on…


I use Nero DVD Speed tool and DVDInfoPro to check burn quality!


The new beta version of Nero CD DVD Speed can do PI/PO measurements but NEC drives dont support reporting these errors. Doing a sector scan with the aforementioned software is your second best choice.