Way to fix glue-damaged DVD?

Hope I’m posting this in the appropriate section…

A while back I received some DVD-R’s in the mail. They were packed in paper sleeves with a sticky adhesive to seal them. Unfortunately, the adhesive-glue melted iduring shipment and became stuck on the discs! :doh:

The discs are all damaged in that they only play about 1/2 way through. Not surprising, as the glue is on the outer portion of the discs.

I’ve tried my best to get replacement copies of the discs, but it’s not looking too good now.

The glue seems to really be fixated on the surface of the disc, so I’m thinking some “advanced techniques” must be used to clean it, if it’s even possible at all. My biggest fear is that the glue has actually gotten beneath the surface, but I can’t be sure.

I’m afraid I’m going to damage the discs, so I haven’t done anything too extreme yet. I tried wiping one of them with a warm wet cloth, but it’s going to take more than that.

I would be forever grateful if someone has any bright ideas here. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I would squirt lighter fluid on it and wipe it off with a lighter fluid saturated paper towel from the center to edge (radialy).

Ihave used paint thinner on a CD with success and it should also work for DVDs.

alcohol can remove glue

Whatever you do, DON’T USE ACETONE!! :disagree: It’s one of the more powerful paint thinners out there – but it [U]destroys[/U] plastic in a heartbeat! And I mean a heartbeat too… like, instant meltdown. :eek:

I always have a handy bottle of “Goo-Gone” lying around the house for problems like yours. To this day I haven’t found anything it [B]can’t[/B] clean up… and it’s extremely safe too, seeing as how it simply utilizes the power of citrus. :slight_smile:

Just be careful with the goo-gone, I have two types and one has something in it that eats right through discs (I can’t recall what it has in it right now, maybe acetone). I think it’s an older version of goo-gone and they may not even sell it anymore. Any cleaner that you try, try it on an old coaster disc first. I had a rental that some jackass wrote all over the data side (it was a WS/FS 2-sided disc) and I grabbed my goo-gone and it ate write through the disc. :doh:

Yes yes scoobiedoobie! You’re totally right in that one must ALWAYS test practically everything on a spare first. :iagree: I totally forgot to mention that!

I had some RubberMaid coffee cups that when labels were taken off, they were still sticky. I wrote to RubberMaid because I had tried about all things including lighter fluid, and their reply was to sprinkle some cornstarch on the part that was sticky. I did and when rubbed it all balled up ito several little ball and was able to blow them off, then wash. I doubt that any glue used on envelopes is strong enough to pentertrate the plastic on a Disc.

Isn’t it just easier to squirt a fresh lemon on the surface instead ? :bigsmile:

trust me… alcohol is the way to go…

70% or 90%?


the corn starch recommendation works perfectly and much less risk of disc damage. thanks