Way overheated Drive



How come whenm i have an IDE drive (I always keep the sides off the pc) and i have an IDE drive plugged in but poking out the case to get cooler.
On the medion computer we have i do it and it doesnt get hot at all really.
But on the other pc i leave it poking out and it feels boiling so much so that i can barely leave my hand on it.
This cant be good for it.
What causes it? How do i solve it?



Check out this utility, it might help you to state your issue more consisely and see if it’s a real concern:

I’d say the best possibility is case air flow. I run a fan directly in front of my drives, for example, or it could simply be a dead air space. As well I’d monitor voltages as components seem to heat up more on a stressed PSU. After that, I’m not sure that I understand your question but I hope what I’ve said helps some.


Having the case open on the sides doesn’t really help cooling because there is no directed airflow. A case that provides good cooling has exhaust fans moving the air out in the back, and intake fans pushing the air in next to the hard drives. (I assume you are talking about a hard drive.)

Be careful; an approximate rule is that hard drive lifespan is shortened by half for every 10 degrees of temperature increase.

Take a look at this article that illustrates how case cooling works: http://www.short-media.com/review.php?r=230


Do drives get hotter then that are having work done on them?
I was running chkdsk on the slave and thats when it got roasting hot, so much so i could barely leave my hand on it.
I heard drives over 120GB do get hotter anyway.
Isit definate that i have made this drive’s life a lot shorter now?


drives that spinner get hotter as a rule of thumb. the more work seeking etc. usually get slightly warmer, some models always hotter, … mostly ones with more platters, but spindle speed increases heat a lot more.


ooh right, how do i fi9nd out what mine is?
Ive only had it for 2 months. its been very hot id say for about 24 hours.
It wont shorten its life that much will it?


Check ot SpeedFan, it reads the SMART monitoring on drives to tell you drive temps. From what I’ve read, anything above 45 C is of real concern, but of course running anything above RT will shorten lifespan to some extent. My 200GB Seagate runs around 35C, and it’s not directly in the path of the fans (my case is almost exactly the same as the one pictured, except I have 2x fans in the front). Having the panels open will lower temps some, but as mentioned the drives aren’t necessarily in the path of air flow, so it may not be of serious help (unlike CPU and GPU which are helped by case flow).


or even SiSoftware Sandra, under the ATA Drives Information module, or MBM with the “Scan for IDE Hard drives temp sensors” enabled


I have 2 large high speed fans directly in front of my SATA HDs and the lowest idle temp I get is 95 F in the Summer. When I run a long term access program I get up to 110 F. One drive in a removable drive bay with a fan directly over it can get to 117F. There is nothing more I could be doing to cool these using convential means so I would assume this is the best you could do. I also have found, generally, that Western Digital drives are warmer and Seagate are cooler.


That Speedfan is a useful tool. Shows that my drives are at 35/42/43 C. Another fan at the front is called for I think.