Way outta my league but need help

This stuff is way outta my league so searching overwhelmed me. I have no problem making backups of my dvd’s. I use rip it for me, DVD shrink and DVD decrypter. Works great for me. Here is my problem. i am deploying to the middle east for 6 months and am limited on space so instead of taking all my movies i want to copy them to an external harddrive. Some of these are backups and some are originals. What is the easiest way to do this. Thanks in advance.

Personally, I’d just dump the DVD image with DVD Decryptor, and then include a copy of the latest Daemon Tools, which can emulate a DVD Drive & then mount them as a DVD drive.

If you need one for a standalone player, you can shrink it/etc and burn it off when you are over there.
But Decrypting, shrinking and gettng around copy protections for DVD could be time consuming. Dumping straight to DVD image should avoid these issues, and you can deal with it later, if you have to.

If you have plenty of time though, you can fire up ripit4me with several instances (one for each DVD Drive you have) and have DVDshrink compress & dump them to the HD either as files, or as images.
With WinXP, you can also have the removable HD partition compressed, to maximise the available space.

If you go the srink method, dump them to your main HD first & then copy them across to the portable HD, otherwise your portable will end up fragmented … and external HD’s are slow enough already :stuck_out_tongue:

How about ripping them to AVI files. On a PC a 700mb avi movie would be well watchable.
Guides available in the Video Edit forum , Guides & Tutorials subforum.

Or you can use Ripit4me & rather than using DVDShrink, you can use DVDx for a two pass Xvid :wink:
Also freeware :wink:

Or you could use nero recode to change format mp4 and you can get four or five movies on to one dvd. Each movie will fit onto a 700mb cd-r. The quality is very good! :wink:

If he had time…wouldn’t this be a good app for ratDVD?