Wavelab 4.0



Hi there…this is my 1st attempt at asking for help/advice so here goes!

I want to use Wavelab 4.0 to record, process and archive a collection of Vinyl LP’s and have got myself sorted out with a good quality record deck, soundcard/PC and the processing software.

What I now need is a simple to follow guide to the basics of recording/saving as WAV file and processing.

I have already figured out how to get the setup working and have now managed to get an LP recorded and saved as a Master file… and then cut/saved as individual tracks…and I can get the key effects (DE-Clicker/De-Noiser and EQ) to operate while I’m monitoring playback but I haven’t figured out how to process the individual tracks to permanently include the effects I have selected/added so they can then be saved, processed and assembled back into a TOC and burned as a CD-R.

Any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated.

Is there a good book or ‘idiots guide’ to Wavelab 4.0 that I can buy?


A/H :confused: