WaveEdit Audio Source Not Found

I have a new HP a6430f desktop with an on-board Realtek audio device. My previous Win98 machine had it’s own PCI audio card. Now when I try to record Car Talk on NPR, I open WaveEdit in Nero 7 and when I hit the record button it says it can open the device. This economy audio device seems to have no ability to record what you hear from the speakers, only what you have plugged into the actual line outs and microphone jack.

Is there a WaveEdit plugin that installs an audio driver that WaveEdit can pick up so I can record streaming audio?

I paid for Total Recorder and I can record Car Talk with that but it has an annoying “feature” that if it doesn’t hear sound it stops recording, and there is a second or two of no sound between the broadcast segments on NPR, so I get some missed audio on the recording. And WaveEdit doesn’t find the Total Recorder device, so I can’t use that.

An Internet search doesn’t seem to locate such an animal (WaveEdit plugin). (But I’m at work, and IT is blocking a lot of sites!)


Have you tried the ‘pre-recording’ option in TotalRecorder? It’s on one of the pages in ‘Options -> Settings’.


I hadn’t seen that. I just read all about it in the Help files but couldn’t exactly understand it. It seems to add a pre-recording, but doesn’t say of what. Does it mean that it actually starts recording before it shows its recording and adds it to the recording? I’ll have to try it by adding 3 seconds and see what effect that has on the broadcast.

Thanks for pointing me to the extensive Help files. I really just wish there was some way of doing what they say was in a previous version, recording everything when you start until you stop it.


After stumbling around the new PC I came across the manual for the onboard device and after reading found a way to make the device actually be seen by WaveEdit. So I’m good to go now.