Wave Studio! please help!


Ok, newb here with a double barreled request - either option would be very helpful!

I have: the Sound Blaster Audigy sound card (can’t remeer which version, but it’s not the latest). It came with the CD which has teh drivers and bundled software. I am on a forgine computer without the card but with the CD. I want to put the great Wave Studio on to it. It’s coming up with the install error saying that no SBA Sound Card is found, and promptly closes the installation!

  1. Can some one let me know how to isolate the Wave Studio program from the intsallation CD and put it on the computer (that dosen’t have a Sounblaster card)? Another forum said that this is possible, but helpfulloy didn’t say how to do it.

or / and

  1. Could some one give me a link to a download of it so I can install from that. Have seacrhed high and low for it but can’t find it for sale or downlaod. (NB the options i’;d normally use of stuff like Overnet and Kazaa etc I can’t, 'cos i’m on a works computer and that many pop up ads and crap would not go down well!)

HOpe someone can help!! …


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ok, right click your disk, click browse and see if you can find a individual file to install it from with a filename like wsinstall.exe or wavestudeoinstall.exe (i dont have a audgy so im just guessing, but i think you know it when you see it) alturnatively you could copy the program files dir with wave studio on it to a disk and then copy it back onto the persons pc., alternatively you could use the audgy sound card to install it and then remove it. hope that helps. ben