Wave Editor temp files

Thought I would try this one here, it didn’t draw any comments on the software forum.
Nero wave editor has started leaving temp files behind after editing wave files, they are full-sized temps of the .wav. they accumulate until the drive is full. This began after I upgraded to a full retail version of Nero and upped it to
Any ideas how to stop this irritating problem?

Bro if you finish you wave editin just delete de files once you don’t need dem…
NeroT :eek: :bow:

you must be some kind of genius

:confused: I don’t have those whatever version of Nero. There are wpk.files which are about 1/50 of the wav.file and usually appear when processing the wav’s , but they disappear as soon as the prog is closed.

Did you check your settings in Options -> Editor Options -> Directories ?

It creates both a .wpk file first, then when you save it will create a .tmp file in the same place, (wherever you have it set in "directories). Then it should delete both when you close the program. In every version up to it deletes both of them, but in this version the .tmp is left behind, and is the same size as the .wav file. I verified this is 7.2, 8.0, and 8.2 all of them delete the temp file except 9.0.

Well, believe it or not, I clearly understand what you’re talking about .
My current version of Nero is ( I guess I was one of the first happy shiny ppl who dld it from Nero’s ftp site )
And it’s strange :confused: but true that I in my case don’t have those tmp files created in whatever directory ( I’ve checked it at least twice ). Should I consider it as a good or a bad sign ?

P.S. Hopefully this forum will draw more comments than the previous one and we’ll finally find the way to work it out.

Perhaps it’s a Win2000 issue.

Mine is XP and I don’t remember whether I had similar probs w W2K or not.
Yet I’m actually facing the same trouble when it comes to SoundForge 6 - there I have to delete those TMPs manually . :confused:

Hi all, i got problem.
Started recording something with Wave Editor, but it crashed :frowning:
Now i have pf451818562.tmp with ~250kb size, approx. 50sec recording.
File starts with: NeroAudio - Peak files… autorecover for somereason hasn’t gave any help.
How i can convert tmp to wav?

Dude, why do you reactivate a thread that is 4 years dead!?!!?! :rolleyes: