Wav Vs Image: CDR Audio



Hi, you guys really know your stuff. Thanks for helping me out through the last week or so. If I could buy you all a pint I would.

My question now concerns using an Image file to burn an audio CD. I’ve read that if you are going to make lots of copies of a CD it is best to convert it to an image file. I take it this is different format than ‘wav’.

I plan to make about 30 copies of a DJ mix tape I made. This is currently being stored as a 70min wav on my HD (I use CDRWin and a Cue Sheet for writing).

Should I continue using CDRWin to burn this wav every time or would it be best to convert the wav into an image? (That way I may improve my Write time from 2x to 4x perhaps?)



if i were you, i would use nero and just set the number of copies to 30? plus, nero is much better for audio than cdrwin. really, the only thing cdrwin is good for is psx games and non-protected cpu games.


I would use Nero but CDRWin is the only prog I have that will support Cue Sheets (for breaking my big fat wav into 12 tracks).

Is it worthwhile to convert the Wav into an Disk Image file or should this only be done with Data/File CDs? Would it be a waste of time for CD Audio??