Wav to mp3 with LAME


How do I convert a wav-file to an mp3-file using LAME???

find out myself

I like Exact Audio Copy. The is a newbie guide in this forum here.

…and a “proper” one here:
http://users.pandora.be/satcp/tutorials.htm - The long one

How do I convert a wav-file to an mp3-file using LAME???

Actually, you only need EAC in case you want to rip Audio CD songs (which are not Wave files) into Mp3 using LAME.
And in order to configure EAC properly, you need to read extensive manual instructions.

Hence the above 2 links.

And that could turn off many users, so they end up turning to other one/two button approaches like dbPoweramp or something else.

If you want to just compress wave files from your hard drives to the best possible Mp3 with LAME, you’ll only need 3 things:

1/LAME, the right version
2/The best LAME Presets for compressing into Mp3
3/A LAME interface, like RazorLAME

Using RazorLAME is extremely easy, and no installtion required. LAME itself needs not be installed either.
The LAME presets: just go to the Hydrogen Audio forum and get them from there, then paste 'em into the proper field in RazorLAME)

Oops, actually my description itself could also turn off many prospective users.

No wonder why most people would pay and use softwares with fancy buttons (Real JukeBox, Mp3 Converter Pro etc) to compress Mp3.