Wav to mp3 in Nero 6 ultra

Could someone please tell me what part of Nero 6 ultra, I can find where it is that you can change wav files to mp3’s for burning on CD.
Thank You Very Much and have a very Happy New Years Day.

I am using Nero 7 Ultra but for your question, I believe the answer is the same:

In Nero StartSmart, go to the audio symbol and select “Encode Audio Files”.

Take a look at bitburners as you can add a number of free audio plug-ins for encoding in other formats. You will need to register (no charge - just a name & password) to get the software.

I don’t seem to have start smart in the index of programs on nero 6,could you point me in the right direction.

This is what the Ultra startup should look like unless there is an unusual install.

Like most burnware with the ability to create audio CDs from MP3 files, Nero converts MP3 to wave on the fly while creating an audio CD. As such, no file conversion is required to create an Audio CD from wav files. Simply add them to the compilation and burn.

what I waas trying to do was have the wave files created in Nero 6 to change to mp3 files on the fly,so MP3 files are the end result from Nero.
I’ve been recording streaming radio thru Nero and wave is the end result as you know.
What I want from Nero 6 is the mp3’s

Roxio easy audio capture has a conversion program built tight in it.(Not that I’m a fan of Roxio,too many freeze ups)

     Thanks very much.

Use CDex to convert wav to mp3. It’ll do a nice job , correctly write your tags etc.

Often the free ones are better than the bought ones.

Thanks,we’ll put 'er in the EXE folder,appreciate it.

Do you have the link for downloading CDex?.

yep got it in the exe folder,
Thanks again.

Here ya go TCAS - enjoy, it’s a sweet proggy :wink: