Wav to dvd



I copied camcorder video to my computer using a IEEE1394 connector. I used Microsoft movie maker. That created .wav files of my movie. I want to now take my .wav files and burn them to a dvd using Nero or other software. Nero does not want to do it for me. I have windows xp pro. How do I burn the .wav files to a dvd? Any help is appreciated.


Are you sure it’s a .wav file? A Windows Media file is a .wmv. WAV’s are only music files.

In any case, if you have the full version of Nero, you can use Nero Vision to convert the video file you’re speaking of to a DVD readable format for playing on a DVD player.


Are you sure you have .wav files? Those are sound files only.

Windows Movie Maker should have made .wmv files for you, which is a type of video file that includes sound as well.

If you want to make a regular dvd-video out of .wmv files, you’ll need to convert them. You can use Nero Vision if you have that, or you can use any one of a dozen other programs. Some of them include, FAVC, AVStoDVD, and DVDFlick.

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BTW, IEEE1394 is commonly known as “Firewire”