.WAV To DVD For Car Audio Deck?



Best Wishes to all…
I am in the process of researching an upgrade to the deck in my vehicle and am looking at one of the higher end Alpine units, which supports single layer DVD.
The specifications state that it supports the playing of the .wma microsoft format as well as the .mp3 format.
What I have done with prior cd only decks is to burn .wav files to cd to gain the perfect 1:1 quality. This allows around 16 odd tracks per cd.
If I can discover a way to burn .wav files to dvd and have them recognized by this deck in the vehicle I would be very interested. This would allow 90 odd .wav files of 1:1 quality per disc. I have had a look around Nero regarding options but have had no success as yet.
Can anyone suggest how this may be done?

Any advice or input would be gratefully accepted




There is no format like CDDA for DVD.
There is of course DVD-Audio, but not comparable with CD-Audio, and that many players available that you could count them on two hands probably…

Why don’t you put the tracks as .mp3 onto Data-DVDs then? You wouldnt hear the difference to WAVE and could put thousands on one disc.


Many Thanks for your reply, its as perhaps I thought. I was thinking maybe it was possible in some other way but will certainly follow this line.
Alpine themselves promote the deck as primarily doing this in the two stated formats and will do some more research as to how the equipment deals with the way the tracks are organized on the disc itself ie does it deal with folders or do you have to simply burn approximately 900 sequential tracks in perfect linear order as to how you want them and remember where the albums start and finish!
Your input is much appreciated


Incidentally, the unit supports DVD Audio as a two channel down mix, according to the specifications :slight_smile:


What kind of WMA does it support? Can it play lossless?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Media_Audio_9_Lossless :wink:


Maybe there is another chance by creating “fake” Audio-DVD.

Info: http://www.audio-dvd-creator.com/index.htm
It also can be created by using an actual version of WinOnCD.