WAV To Blank DVD - Then back to hard drive

I recently backed up some wav files to dvd to free up some space on my hard drive.The question is, how do I rip them back to my hard drive? I have software that will play it but nothing that will grab the files! I’ve tried MusicMatch,WMP,Intervideo WinRip and Nero! I’m reluctant to delete the original files from my HD until I know I can rip them back. Any suggestions?

Cheers,Glenn :confused:

Well, if you burned the wav files as a DATA DVD, you don’t need any ripper - insert the DVD and use Windows Explorer to copy the files like you would copy files from a normal data CD or floppy disk. It’s as simple as that. You surely didn’t burn it as a “DVD audio” disc, did you?

No,I burned it as a data disc.The solution you offered is ok for simple playback but I’m using a notebook with only one dvd drive.I use Mixmeister to mix concert recordings back together and can only burn them from the hard drive. But thanks anyway!

I don’t see how this would only work for playback. Just highlight the files you want to copy on the DVD, click “Copy” in the Windows Explorer, then go to the hard disk folder where you want to copy them and click “Paste”. Then you can edit them and burn them again from the hard disk folder to another CD or DVD. Maybe I am missing something, but I can’t see why this should not work. Copying a .wav file from a data DVD is exactly the same process as copying .doc or .txt or .exe files from a data DVD or CD. You only need a ripper if you burned the wav files as an audio CD, as by this process they are transformed from wav to CDDA format. When burned as “data” they stay the same as on your hard disk, so you can copy them back without a ripping step.

You’re right.Of course! I couldn’t see the wood for the trees! Thanks again :wink: