Wav splice/editing?

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I am very new to this type of thing and thank you for all of your help in advance.

I have 2 wav’s that I demultiplexed from 2 videos using VirtualDub. The wavs are from the same video recorded off of tv on 2 separate occasions. When these shows were run on tv, at the end of the show there are voiceovers (coming up next on…) during a song the artist is singing. However, the voiceovers are in different places on the 2 wavs so if spliced/edited correctly, I could have the song without any voiceover in it. This would be really great since this is the only time this artist ever sang this song to my knowledge.

Can anyone help me do this? I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me how to and what software to use.

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Audacity is a free wav editor that will do the job

I downloaded Audacity and when I listen to the 2 wav files, it seems they are recorded at different speeds/rates and the volume is really low on one and normal on the other. Is there a way to fix these issues? Thanks.

You can put both songs into the multitrack editor. Adjust the volume up on the one that needs raised. Then find a good starting point near the very beginning, like the first drum hit or start of vocals, and sync the beginning points up. Then go to the end of the song and find a good stopping point, and measure the time difference between the two points. Then do a time stretch/shrink on the track using the time difference on the track that needs adjusted in order to make the two files run at the same rate.
I use Cool Edit Pro 2, but I know Audacity has the same basic functions, so it should be fairly easy to do.

Audacity, yes.

hey i have a question myself. i have adobe audition 1.5 and i want take a song like for example 50 cent song in da club and i want to cut his voice and put mine with the beat only or take out the beat and hear the voice only. how do u do that using adobe audition 1.5, i really want to know that cause i seen someone doing that one time using adobe audition. Thanks