Wav music file

Can anyone help me please? im trying to convert WAV music files to mp3.I cant find any softwaer to do it for me any suggestions would be welcome.:frowning:

I suggest Foobar2000 :slight_smile:

It’s free.

Simply load the wav file on the main window, then right click on the file, and select Convert. There are some options available. Select the one you like, and that’s all :slight_smile:

Format Factory will do it.
However if you want a higher quality .mp3 it will require some different softwares & some additional settings.
@geno888 ,If you have a high quality .mp3 or would create one with Foobar2000 & post the EncSpot of it I would like to make a comparison.
I think this one was created with EAC or dBpowerAMP.It’s size is 6.58 MB

thank you very much for all your help.

I just noticed that Foobar allow to do only variable bitrate mp3s (I didn’t notice this before because I only make FLAC files :doh:)

I did the test selecting 245 kbps (best quality) and using LAME 3.98.3, and this is result :slight_smile:

Thank you geno888 for the extra effort.
This showed me that Foobar2000 can create a quality .mp3 similar to my other software.
I usually use VBR anyway.
I noticed Foobar2000 used joint stereo . If you know did it have a setting for stereo ?
Format Factory only has CBR & joint stereo but its’ bitrate can be set to 320.
It is easy to use though.
Since I already have dBpowerAmp ,EAC,CDex, BeSweet, & Format Factory that will do this . I think I have enough software but Foobar2000 is on the list if I need it.

I noticed Foobar2000 used joint stereo . If you know did it have a setting for stereo ?

Joint stereo is actually preferred, as more bits are used to encode the the bulk of the music and fewer to record the stereo ‘difference’. Regular Stereo ends up having redundant information because in most music there is more musical information common to the two channels than different. There are exceptions, like the beginning of Bowie’s ‘Space Oddysey’ or Hendrix’s ‘EXP’ (from Axis).

To my ears the regular stero sounds better.
Probably on low quality .mp3’s the joint stereo would be a better choice.Where the smallest size that would be acceptable was the goal.
Most of my .mp3s are made from .wav files ripped from a CD.So there are plenty of bits to create a good quality .mp3.

I noticed Foobar2000 used joint stereo . If you know did it have a setting for stereo ?[/QUOTE]

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I can’t find that option at the moment. It seems everything is done automatically by LAME. I Checked advanced settings, and I found the following picture. Maybe the “stereo” option must be set manually there, but I have no idea how to do :o

@geno888 , I know you posted you mostly use FLAC but you might find this information useful.
I don’t know if the Parameters or Settings lines allow changes.
If they do then change the V2 to V0.There is probably a space between the V & zero.
It was both ways in your image so I’m not sure.
Then somewhere in the line add -m s for stereo or -m j for joint stereo .It might take some experimenting.
Also if you could change the fast to either standard or high quality .It should improve quality.
For example this is the extra command line I use in EAC for .mp3:
-V 0 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 --ta “%a” --tt “%t” --tg “%m” --tl “%g” --ty “%y” --tn “%n” -m s %s %d
If joint stereo is wanted just change the s to j.
A lot of the code is for tagging,

Thanks for suggestions :bigsmile:

Indeed parameters can be changed in foobar :iagree: