Wav files onto dvd



can anyone tell me of a programme where you can convert mp3 to wav to put onto dvd

many thanks




May I ask why you want to convert to wav first? Why not just burn the mp3 files directly to the DVD?

CDex is a free and easy to use program that can convert back and forth between mp3 and wav. It also rips music from CDs. You can get it here:




i want them on dvd as my stand alone does play wav but not mp3.

also i want to put a few albums on 1 dvd


p.s. cikin2001 nero does not have this option for convertiong mp3 to wav for dvd


Ah, okay. That makes sense.

You’re welcome.



it can convert mp3 to wav, though, which was all you really asked, at first :wink:

if you want to play them on a standalone, its really not worth the trouble, afaik. is it an older standalone?