Wav file sizes

Hello All!
I have a 4-cassette (remember those), recording of The Hobbit. I wish to transfer this to CD. The episodes are about 25 minutes long, so with an 80 minute cd, this gives me an episode split of 3,3,2. What I would really like to do is compress them onto 2 discs, (4 episodes each).
I have got GoldWave 5.04, running on Windows 2000/XP. The quality is not a huge issue, as the copy is for the car which is CD only.

Thanks for any help


If each episode is 25 minutes long and you want to put them onto CD unless you compress them down to Mp3 I think you will have to put them onto 3 CD’s.

Bascially as far as I know to record onto cd and for it to play correctly there is only one standard. Therefore your 25 minute recording will take up 25 minutes worth of space on your CD. It isn’t compressable.

Not sure it is would work but how about a 99 minute CD?

I hope that makes sense.


I don’t think too many car players will play 90 minute cd’s. Alot have problems with 80 minute ones.

start by capturing as .wav from the cassete to hard drive via hardwire to you pc’s line in on the sound card. Applications like sound forge or Nero and dare I say it…Roxio…all support this…

Then, per cassette…you have a directory to work with, using a good burning app…based on 25 minutes play time per cassette, you should be able to fit these on 2 cd-r. There is no need to compress this to MP3 based on what is presented…:slight_smile: