Wav file header

anyone know offhand the size of a wav file header? having trouble playing them in nasm because i dont know how much to ignore. any help = appreciated :slight_smile:

//is retarded for wrongposting in his own forum

found the info too - 44 bytes :stuck_out_tongue:

The following link gives details on what the different header bytes mean such as speed, file length, # of channels, etc.:

http://mathmatrix.narod.ru/Wavefmt.html :wink:


can you tell what nasm is??

just curious

learning the language for a class


used it to program a version of duckhunt. i need to have sound working on this bad boy in about 6 hours. and have this paper done. and lunch too.

thx for the link sean, but sadly, i just wanted to know where to start streaming the audio data to the dsp. i already knew all the info i needed about the file :wink:

and damian, if you are really interested, there is also tasm / masm - which all manage to accomplish about the same thing. however, if you wish to discuss / learn anything about them, you’ll proly have to post in the gen software forum, as its not exactly an audio question :wink:

thank you ckin…lol.,…thought it was an audio player…grin

learned something new today…hehe

i wil look in the software forum for more info

WAV file headers do not necessarily have a fixed size

i was hoping it was the standard one with 44 bytes, and not the wave fmt unknown - which i only read about in passing

such a bastardized format, wav is.