Wav file conversion



Greetings every one.
Question? Anybody ever use Switch audio file coversion? Use to convert wav files to mp3 files. Or any other file conversion software. I am looking for an easy to use file converter software. Comments or suggestion please.

Thanks in advance
Mr. Bill :bow:


If your goal is MP3, the best free encoder (actually, the just plain best) is LAME. Lots of software can use it, including CDEx and Audacity.


I use LAME as well for mp3, but I use [B]LameXP[/B] as the front-end for it. It will use an up-to-date version of LAME (currently v.3.98)
[B]LameXP[/B] can also convert wav to ogg or Nero AAC (you must download the Nero encoder separately(free) and paste into the LameXP folder.)
I confirm it works very well.


Thanks. I am only interested in converting wav files to mp3 files. And of couse burn them to cd-r to be played in my car. Is there any other converters. That I can try besides lame?

Mr. Bill :slight_smile: