Wav file combiner



Can anyone recommend from personal experience, a quick and reliable program to combine multiple wav files into one file? I currently use mp3merge for mp3 files, and I’d like something similar for wav files. I can do it manually using Total Recorder, but I’d like a quick drag-drop-combine method. I’ve seen “Wav Combiner” on the web, but $29.95 seems pretty steep for a simple merge utility, unless there is something more complicated involved that I don’t know about. However, it is very important that whatever software I get is reliable, so if $29.95 is what I have to pay for that reliability, so be it.

I use Windows 7 64.


I would use Audacity to do this…open your .wav files in this and copy & paste them all onto one line in whatever order you want…with or without gaps between tracks.
Easy to use, and the program is extremely useful for all sorts of editing options.


EAC can do this a couple of ways .
If you are doing this from a CD then you can Select All & use Copy Range. This will give you a single .wav file of the CD .
The other way is more manual but can be done with the files on your HDD.
Use the Process .WAV function . Open the first .wav file & append file the rest.
Unfortunately you have to append the files one at a time.
That is probably similar to what Total Recorder does.


Thanks for your replies. However, I can already use Total Recorder for the methods you describe using EAC and Audacity . I’m looking for a way that doesn’t require me to open the files at all. The reason being that I use Noteburner Virtual CD drive to convert Audible audio books to wav files. Unfortunately Noteburner automatically chops up the converted file into 8 minute segments, which have no regard to gaps in the files or chapter structure. I may start with a 6 hour file, which ends up as 40 - 50 short files. I then have to combine them all into one file, so that I can then chop it up again into segments that make sense with regard to the book structure. All of this takes time and I’m looking for ways to speed it up. Total Recorder can do everything I need very effectively, except for quickly combining all of the file segments into one.


Have you tried using TotalRecorder to transcribe the books? When I had Audible, I was converting books to MP3 at 8 to 10X speeds on a single core Athlon. Just use ‘Accelerated’ mode and choose your output format.


What software did you use to play the audible files? Total Recorder says that acccelerated recording will only work with some software, but does not give any details. I am using the virtual CD drive to convert the new high quality .aax files, and as far as I know, only iTunes, Audible Manager and Windows Media Player will play them. The Total Recorder help page says that the more complex the player, the less likely that accelerated recording will work correctly - so I doubt whether any of these three programs is likely to be a good option.


I used Audible Manager. Worked fine on my XP Athlon, this was a year or so ago. Audible may have ‘upgraded’ their manager since then.


I may have a software to suggest.
It is shareware named Goldwave.

The Tools/File Merge worked fine on my older version . The new version has an evaluation period so it can be tested free.

The version I have I got from giveawayoftheday which was free but doesn’t come with updates. That site has one day giveaways of various software.
My version is Gold Wave Editor Pro (version: 10.2.2) .

My version was able to merge a folder of .wav files fairly quick & the folder was on the hard drive so it was not necessary to do this from a CD like EAC required.


I found a freeware program that does this.

Audio Convert Merge Free 2.1.4


It turns out that Total Recorder is able to do the merge itself - create a playlist and merge playlist. After wasting a huge amount of time looking at a variety of methods, it turns out that my own software could do it in the first place. Hmmm - I feel a bit stupid!