WAV audio files exceed CD capacity


I’ve hit a snag in trying to burn a CD from tracks in FLAC format which were converted to WAV before the attempted burn. The new set of WAV tracks total 818MBs and so are refused by the burning app. I haven’t added anything to the original content which was contained on 1 CD but like Topsy, it’s just growed and growed!

The folder with the flac tracks also had a CUE folder, but I ignored this, having read that it isn’t necessary for producing a CD. I simply converted the FLAC tracks to WAV

Can someone explain what has happened and is there a way I can get this material back onto one CD??



If you read this article


you will see that FLAC is a compressed file, so if you convert it to WAV, than the difference between those codecs is what you see.
I do not think that there is a way out.

I don’t remember exactly how much audio (measured in megabytes) that will fit on one 80 min CD-R, but it’s a little over 800 MB. It’s possible that 818 MB will fit without overburning or you might have to overburn just a little bit.

Try using the easy and free Burrrn tool to burn your FLAC or WAV files to a CD-R as an audio CD.

The CUE file would have made it easier to burn with the right burning tool.

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The 80 minute rating of a blank CD [I]is based on you putting CD Audio[/I] on it. Cd Audio has no compression at all. You might be able to get 90 minute CDs, but those may not play in all players.

Why convert to wav? burn your flac files to cd with burrrn…


Thanks for welcome and replies everyone but I’m still a little confused. I thought Flac just compressed the size and when converted to an uncompressed format, say WAV, produced the same size as the original? Here all the original files fit onto a single CD but have become large in the conversion to Flac and further conversion back to a playable CD format. Is that right? Is it easier/better to use the Cue file and if so is there a simple foolproof (child of 5 level) way of doing that?

BTW I did manage a successful burn with burrrn. Thanks for tip. But I’d like to find out know why the WAV conversions were too big for burning because I thought this sort of operation was what Flac was all about!

Well in your OP you say you converted from flac to wav…
Then you say,
“Here all the original files fit onto a single CD but have become large in the conversion to Flac.”

Here is some info from the flac faq…Hope it helps…

"WAVE is a complicated standard; many kinds of data besides audio data can be put in it. Most likely what has happened is that the application that created the original WAVE file also added some extra information for it’s own use, which FLAC does not store or recreate by default (but can with the --keep-foreign-metadata option) (see also). The audio data in the two WAVE files will be identical. There are other tools to compare just the audio content of two WAVE files; ExactAudioCopy has such a feature."