.wav 229 mins. copy to cd of 80 mins. listen in stereo



I have that cd…(This cd can’t be listened on a normal stereo, just in the computer or new car stereos that read that format, etc…)

but i want to burn it in a cd that can be listen in every stereo or even car player…

how can i do this



The CD you have is not a standard Redbook (CDDA) disc. A standard audio CD allows for 80min content. What you have is a data CD. If the files on it are WAV, they are compressed. You will need to copy these files from the CD to your hard drive and then convert them to the proper format - 44100 Hz 16 bit PCM - so that you can burn compliant audio CDs from them. And of course they will not fit on one audio CD - you will need three for the task.