Wats Wrong with the Forum?

Forums it too slow to browse,get this Server msg Very Often Also often the new Posts Search Does not turn up :rolleyes: & now able to diplay new posted replies :doh:

wats wrong? is it happening only to me :doh:

Edit Get Searching has been disabled :doh:

I don’t see anything wrong and the speed is as always been.

still having probs … pls help guys

The forum is as speedy as usual for me here in the uk. Where are you and what connection, software etc are you using?

Some more information can be useful :slight_smile:

In which zone are you? Are you in Europe? Do you have problems also with other websites? Are you downloading from a torrent at the same time? Which connection do you have (adsl or 56k modem)?

Clean out your internet cache with your browser(s) closed and see if that helps.

Not having any problems on the East Coast of the USA. ( New York Area.) Fast and good as usual.

Same here in the South-West of England :slight_smile:

No problems up north.

same in sunny (rainy) north wales.

Doing great at the beach.

Same here on the East Coast (VA Area)

fast here in the deep south…

Fast in the northwest as well.

Fast in the west too

fine here in NE Connecticut USA

OP has not posted in this thread for 5 days now :eek: :bigsmile: wonder if they got better interenzs connection yet :rolleyes:

fast Now,could have been a problem with my ISP

No problems here, yeah, probably a short problem with your ISP.