Wats the Best?

Wats the best Pioneer drive which Burns SL & DL media really well ?

& is a good reader …

The DVD-111L (Asus rebadged) I have is better than any NEC or Plextor I’ve ever owned but seem to be out of production. But those with the recent models (112/212) appear just as happy. But with prices as they are I’d go with a different drive like LiteOn for a reader and/or scanner. For example the LiteOn SHW-160P6S is the best reader I’ve ever owned. Reads the most scratched and fingerprinted discs I have with no problem (and scans well). The Pioneer is just an average reader in my experience.

My Asus 1608P3S (Pioneer 111) flashed to 111L is an awesome drive , quality is excellent and it reads very well , it is the best quality drive I have minus quality scans and it can only read DVD+R or DVD-R at 12X max :slight_smile:

111 are still great and still available anyywhere for a good price.

I prefer to Pioneer A12XL or A12J. :slight_smile: