Wats the best cd-r

hey ppl
wats the best cd for data and the best for music is it kodaks princos wat???

I use el cheapo no-name 74 min blanks that I bought at CompUSA and they cost me $10 for a spindle of 100. I burned like 30 of them with my Plexy and not a single coaster yet :).

doesn’t matter that much, almost every cdr gives good quality, but TDK & Philips are the best, but also costs more

Mattel007 forgot to add Verbatim.

At the moment I use platinum 80 minz…works just as fine…only a lot cheaper.

Just test them in a veeeery old burner.
Tryied with a Yamaha 2260 and…voila’ the TDK do the trick!

German CHIP Online had a huge test of CDR quality. They tested various issues of the CDR quality, such as BLER, mechanical vibrations, reflectivity, etc.

From these measurements and burning tests they determined the overall quality score. Some picks from the test:

Philips CDR-74 Professional12x, silver, 100%
Traxdata CDR gold, gold, 100%
Maxell CDR XL Pro, silver, 95%
Kodak CD-R Gold Ultima, gold, 95%
TDK CD-R74ED, silver, 79%
Traxdata CDR silver, silver, 79%
Verbatim Datalife+, silver, 74%

You can find the complete list a:


This is the only recent high quality test that I’ve seen done on CDR media.

However, they did NOT test mechanical scratch resistance and I know from experience that in this regards Kodak are extremely bad.

I’ve had more than a dozen of Kodak CDR start to peel off on their label side after being stored in a safe place for two years with steady and low humidity/light.

If you want the best scratch resistance (like for cd’s on the go) then the Bash Ceram Guard is the absolute best choice. You can keep on scratchin these babies and they still keep on producing faultless signal off the disk.


Basically i would use the cheapest stuff you cabn find thats what i do. But you can go to the maker of your CD-RW website and see what ones the sugest!!!