Waterproof Taiyo Yuden competition?

Does anyone know of a decent alternative to Taiyo Yuden for

  1. glossy
  2. waterproof
  3. inkjet printable
  4. CD R
  5. hub printable?

Right now I have it at 51 cents per disc. Anyone else make such? I live next to a Microcenter and can’t see it there. :confused:

When it comes to both disc and print quality I have not found anything to match Watershields.

Cheapest I can find is .60 cents shipped from eBay.

59 cents supermedia


I was talking CD price, nice price though for DVD-R

The new Verbatims are still in the pipeline somewhere, so we don’t know how they will compare for print surface. But right now, there is nothing even close.

Search the printing forum for more info. The new silver Watershield CDRs are too cool to pass up at any price.