Watermarking without encoding or loss - HELP!

Hi, I have a problem.

I have a 1000Kbps mpeg-1 (constant bit rate) stream which looks great @ 352x240 onto which I need to put a watermark / url on the video. The issue is, how can I do this without losing any quality on the video?

I use sony vegas 6.0 - I’ve tried using a generated text media in vegas and reencoding it at 1000K constant BR. Definite loss in quality. I dont HAVE to use vegas but this is what I purchased years ago.

I’ve tried decompressing the file first using the MS uncompressed codec which turns a 23min video into 14GB. From there I’ve tried to re-encode with vegas logo at 1000K mpeg again with loss.

It seems like re-encoding at 1000K is the problem. Is there a way to put the url in the video somehow without reencoding it or in a lossless way?

Thanks all.

EDIT: BTW, the output file will be mpeg-1 @ 352x240 - 1000K is fine - whatever it takes to not have loss in the quality of the video

Not much you can do about the loss of quality - the MPEG1 file has already thrown away quite a bit of information. Your editor (what ever you use) needs to re-create the original frames for editing but they will have less detail than the original un-encoded file. The re-encoding to MPEG1 will then loose some more detail. MPEG files were never designed to be an editable source file. Sorry but that’s the way it works!

can any 1 t ell me how to remove Watermarks or logo frm the movie with disturbing the print and quality of the movie?? plz helpp

You can’t…

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