Watermark / Fingerprint / Traceable?

Having purchased DVD2one I have one question?
Does the backup DVD contain information relating to the
person who purchased the software? IE Does the backup
contain serial numbers / information which relates directly to

PS I suppose I should make it clear that I DON’T
intend to make copies and distribute them. I
intend to make a backup to lend to friends as
they keep damaging my originals. My concern
is that a backup of mine is used to make further
copies, if the backup is traceable back to me
I could find myself in a heap of trouble.

NO. You think this is DVDXCOPY lol

Nyplayer - Thanks for the info.

I know nothing of DVDXcopy, does if retain registered
user information on the backups?

Yes DVDXCOPY, watermarks it with your registration ID. That then can be traced through 321 studios user database back to you.