Watercooling questions

Hello everyone. Could someone please help me with this?

Does anyone know of the exact water flow path in the MCR220-QP Res or MCR320-QP Res? I am wondering how the water flows through the res and back into the rad.

Wouldn’t there be a loss of pressure with the water flowing through the res halfway through the rad? (if this is how the water does flow) I have heard others say this also.

I am interested in the cooling and water pressure difference between the res and non res models.

I am trying to decide on whether to get a res or a non res model with a separate res.

The res model with the inlet and outlet on the bottom would be an easier installation for my case. Does anyone have any experience mounting the non res model upside down? The swiftech site ways it is not recommended to mount upside down due to air bubble formation. Wouldn’t bubbles just go to the top point anyway and if I had a higher point I wouldn;t have to worry?

Also, swiftech says that you can mount the res model upside down with a “non-functional” res. Does that mean if the res is plugged? If so how would that be diferent than the non res model?

Does a res lower water pressure/flow rate? Does a t-line?

I am a first time watercooler but I have done a lot of research on this topic. Thanks for your help!

Moving this to the hardware forums.

I would go for the MCR320-QP, simply because it will cool the water better. And maybe add a small res. If they tell you it will trap bubbles, I would believe them. Whenever you add a T your halving the pressure down each new route, you would want the T to be the same inside diameter as the tubing.

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