Water Shield vs Aquaguard

So, having almost given up on having to spray DVD’s with a fixative, I am now looking into the waterproof inkjet printable discs.

I am interested to know how the Aquaguard discs compare to the Water Shied discs. I understand the Water Shield discs are glossy and may be prone to scratching. What about the Aquaguard discs?


I’ve seen no evidence at all of problems with the TY, no smudging or scratching at all. Even a wet finger does not smudge them here. (Canon inks). I’m sure it’s possible to scratch most anything.

I’d be interested to see side-by side comparisons of the print surface, never tried the Verbatim.

I would send you a pm but you have it blocked:
Out of all the printable media you have tried what do you like best?

Well I went on my lunch break and purchased 50 of the TY Water Shield discs, they look nice enough and they do seem fairly scratch resistant. I was reading some posts that even a paper towel would scratch them but I rubbed one with my wool jacket (on the printable side) and saw no evidence of scratching.

If you wish you can order a sample of the AquaGuard discs: http://ask.imation.com/aquaguard_sample_request/

I ordered one but I am not sure it will come as I am in Canada.

I prefer the Water Shield TY’s over the Aqua guard ones but they have produced good results. I stand by the Ty WS’s they are very good and nothing is scratch proof but they stand up very well to most normal issues.
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Watershield, hands down. Although the new silver hub-printables are VERY sexy. :bigsmile: I buy only TY unless something else is on sale at 1/2 the price.

There have been complaints of smearing, but the same complaints have been made on virtually ALL printable media and I suspect it has more to do with some of the Epson inks and print settings. My Watershields come out of the printer dry and smear-proof immediately, just a little tacky. After a few min, they are very dry.

Any glossy surface is subject to “Scuffing” from things like paper towels, even glossy photo paper will do this. Lets not forget we are dealing with a printable surface. If it was bullet-proof, you couldn’t print on it.

Thanks for the link, I ordered my free CD. :bow:

Yeah i ordered one also

NP just let me know how they are!

Has anybody noticed their watershield disc doesn’t hold ink on the outer rim? I printed out one and the ink smudge off in my hands. Granted, I only have the 1 sample I got from meritline.

Watershield has 2 coatings, one white and one clear (the printable coating). The white goes all the way to the outer and inner edges, but the printable coating does not. You should print only to the edge of the printable coating. You can see this if you hold the disc up the light just right. Reduce your print area by 1 mm on the outside, and maybe on the inside too.

I just opened my Rima Watershields and burned a few. Very disappointing burn scans. Hope i didn’t get a bad batch GH000156.
I’ve used my BenQ 1655,LG-H42N,and Lite-On 20A1P with burn speed at 12X. Maybe they do better at 16X i don’t know yet. I don’t have any other TYG03’s here to compare.
I’ll try my Samsung S183L,NEC 3500, and BenQ’s 1620/40 next.
So far my 20A1P burns them best.

Benq burners are not known for playing nice with TY. (I’ll assume these are G03)
I have several batches of G03, including Watershield, that all look like this burned in my LG H10N at 16x. If you have trouble with it, burn at 8x or 12x.

Nice burn. Will try to burn them at 16X as i already tried at 8X and 12X. Thanks for the reply.

One thing about G03 is that it seems to either play nice with a burner or not. Lowering burn speed may or may not help.

Personally, I have more faith in TY to produce consistent media than I do in burner makers to produce consistent burn quality. But variations do occur, and not all burners can handle them.

I had a batch of G02 printable once that my LG 4163 did not like at all, having never had any issues with G02. I replaced the 4163 with the H10N and the same spindle of G02 burned beautifully. Go figure.

About Verb. Aquaguard, does anyone know the printable area outer dimension? Is it 119?

Yeah i just have to find the burner i have here that burns them best. No biggie. The burns are not that bad. Mainly jitter is high so far. I didn’t save the scans or discs so sorry i cannot post them. Thanks again CDan.

Well i printed 3 TY WaterShields today and they really look nice!

Yup, they really do rival top-quality photo paper. :iagree:

They recommend 25/117 for the inner outer diameter.

I have been using TY watershields and like them so much I ordered the watershield CD-Rs which are coming today.

Am using Epson R320 printer. No problems.