Water Cooling

Hello once again!

Yes, I have an Exos, but I was looking around and I was wondering if anybody knows a better cooler. I was looking at THIS, and it looks really cool, but it has a copper radiator!! Exos doesn’t. Some opinions and links please!!!

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the best place for this kind of information is here

Just read through it…half of these guys are lost and the other half have no idea what they should do. They all recommend using coolant such as antifreeze and Water Wetter, but antifreeze doesn’t do anything for the temperature (it actually raises it), and Water Wetter will weaken the plastic supports in the pump…I found that part out the hard way.

I’m just after what is the best self-contained water system. If anyone can find a copper radiator for an Exos, please let me know. One guy on those forums said that it would corrode (sp), but that is bullshit…the radiator in an Exos is aluminum, and the blocks are copper and gold plated (24K). Plus, the fluid is anti-corrosive, so I doubt it would even be a problem.

My advice is don’t go with anythink with the label thermaltake on it :wink:
The best wc so far are the self made one, i always stay as far as i can from pre made kits. Usually they use some cheap rad. The best company so far is swiftech and dangerden is not far behind. If you have some money you can try to get a Cascade wb from Cathar (best block atm)

Mixing Al and copper is a bad idea as corrosion can happen (battery effect), unless you use some WW or else. WW is not for temp purpose (nor antifreeze) but it helps against growth and other stuff like this (it’s a good thing to add some but not too much two or three capful should be enough)

I personally am a big fan of ThermalTake…all of my heatsinks and whatnot are Tt branded, and I am quite happy ;).

I’ve seen some of the best are self made…for now I will stick with my Exos and maybe start upgrading parts for it (I’m already looking at a new radiator…something like the Black Ice Extreme II :confused:??)

And if my system corrodes, Koolance will be dealing with it. They sold me the Exos, the water blocks, and the “Liquid Coolant” which prevents corrosion and all that other fun stuff.

Water Wetter weakens plastic supports in the pumps, stains the hoses permanently, and also causes leaks…found this out the hard way ;).

I found a lot of this at http://www.amdforums.com/ thanks to hburrows83…read a bit more of their forums and I was pretty pleased about their knowledge base! Of course, CDF still kicks ass and will always kick ass :slight_smile:

I was never a fan of Tt, i mean there’s many company that have products that performs way better than their products. It’s more for look than for true performance
I wouldn’t get a BIX but an heatercore it’s at least twice as cheap and it performs the same if not better.
I’m sure that koolance has made test against corrosion and that won’t happen (maybe some special mix in their liquid)

Your the first one i’ve heard who had problem with WW, maybe you’ve used too much of it?
The best hardware (except optical drives ;)) forum out there is without doubt www.xtremesystems.org/forums take a look there (ps my nick there is antipop ;))