Water Cooling Kits

Hi all,

About to upgrade my computer and plan to overclock it as soon as i can. I got my video card cooling set (zalman heat pipes), and the only thing I have remaining is to cool my cpu. I have been an air cooling person for as long as I can remember but my friend told me that I should try watercooling as the prices have fallen considerably.

After a bit of online reading I have narrowed down my search for a kit to four. Mind you, I have a Lian Li pc-6077 case which is a midtower so I cant fit a full sized watercooling kit in it.

The four kits I am looking at are the Corsair Hypercool 200EX, the Koolance EXOS, the Cooler Master Aquagate (ALC-U01), and the Thermaltake Aquarius III.

I am planning on buying a AMD processor.

Any help is appreciated. If you know of any other better kits out there that would fit into my case and has a similar price range, please let me know. Thanks guys. :bow:

The best place to start looking for water cooling reviews is overclockers.com. Check that place out and see what kinda grade your choices got.

Personally I’m quite fond of this DangerDen set.

The Aquarius series aren’t that good when it comes to performance… they are made to silence your system.

Another one that’s focused slightly more on silent systems then on heavy cooling (although it still does a nice job there) is the
Zalman Reserator-1. It even looks awesome .

Of course, lots of nice reviews can be found through Google :wink:


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Thanks for the comments,

that danger den set looks pretty sweet although a reason i went with the external kits is the fact that this case is going to be a bit cramped. The specs of the case are:17.9"(H) x 8.25"(W) x 19.25"(D)

plus add the window kit equipment:

Plus the front two fans in the case are intake fans, unless i reverse the flow of the 120mm (if it fits) i dont see how it can work.
Right now, I am leaning towards either the EXOS or the Corsair as these two have gotten decent reviews and are external. Any thoughts?