Water Cooled System

Do ya’ll think that the water cooled systems are safe enough to use yet? I know they are kind of expensive, but I found a deal that includes a full koolance tower with all the supplies needed for $100. I’m just curious to see what everyone thinks about the water cooled systems of today.

Not much point unless you intend to do some extreme overclocking.

Good point, I guess I just figured that $100 was pretty cheap. The case, by itself, usually costs around $200. But still, good point.

When making use of the right stuff, you can make a watercooled system very very quiet, even if it’s a heavy or overclocked system. I know this Koolance towers to be good coolers, but I don’t know about the noise they produce. Thery are suited for overclocking though.

If I could buy such a case for that price, I’d immediately do it. Why? Because the case itsself + air cooling is even more expensive than $100 (at least, here in Europe). If you don’t want to do some overclocking, the case would probably be good for very quiet cooling (may require some light modifications).