Watching Through DVD

I can’t seem to find out if it is possible to watch the Satellite channels through the DVD Recorder without having it turned on.

I can watch it through the co-axial cable, but not the Scart cable, therefore the picture and sound quality is much poorer and I am wasting energy having it on all the time.

I have a LVW-5006

Might check to see if they make a Scart splitter or switch box.
DVD recorders and VCR use very little power when on but not recording, many users never turn them off.

When the recorder is off nothing passes through the Scart leads which is why the coaxial connection is necessary as this allows passthrough.

Most Satellite boxes have 2 scart outputs so that you can connect one directly to the TV, if your TV does not have 2 scart sockets you could easily use a Scart 2 in 1 adaptor to give you the extra input (As CCRomeo said). Some are auto-switching, some are manually switched. They are not expensive and just ensure that they are RGB capable and avoid the real cheap ones.

This should solve your problem.

I have the 5002 (cut down 5006), and I can certainly watch my freeview box which is connect to the scart in socket even if the Liteon is in standby mode.

I have my 5005 output going to a different A/V input of my TV so the 5005 does not have to be on to view anything except it’s own output.

With a 5004 I have a Thomson DHD4000 and it loops through the SCARTs on the 5004 into the TV. No problems here and RGB passes through, however when you turn the 5004 on, the RGB loop-through stops and it’s composite only (two reasons, no CVBS RGB volts and syncs on green which confuses my telly).

I have to connect it this way, the DHD4000 only provides RGB output on the TV scart, so for best quality recording I’m feeding this into the 5004, and then onto the TV. If I fed the VCR-out of the DHD4000 into the 5004 it’d only record in composite.

You should be able to watch the input Scart even without the LVW5006 on the unit should throughput the signal in either composite mode or RGB with one exception if you set the unit to timer record it will blank the signal ? this didn’t happen on the LVW5005 so I can only think it is the firmware or the use of the PDC signal. The only other exception to the rule was the LVW5001 and early LVW5005 which used the DMN8600 chip and lacked the RGB signal ability which would blank the Scart.