WATCHING TELEVISION online! which software should i choose?

well was look for software that could watch television channels from around the world, like fox or cnn or cbc, so far i’ve found quite a few software for this:


online tv 2.7

tv 2.0

now i don’t know much about these kinds of software since i’ve never used them before, i was hoping that i could watch CBC or FOX channel via these software, since i’ve moved to china from canada i’ve been looking for ways to watch those channels again, so my question is:

-what software do people use nowadays to watch television online?

-if so, which ones are the most popular and has the most channels?

thanks for all the help, thank you.

kicks ass for online tv!

Has just about every country, and every video station.

Goodbye TV Liscence!

The 793

thank you! i’ve been searching for a long time on the net for online tv, most of them are spyware ridden, however thanks to you, now i can enjoy clean online tv with channels that i wanted to watch, so many thanks, thank you. :wink:

Does anyone know of one with the SciFi channel? My friend doesnt have cable and he likes alot or thier shows.