Watching rips on my DVD Player, How?

Can someone tell me if there is anything specific that I need to watch out for when burning tv episodes to a DVD? I have a divx capable DVD player, and I noticed that AVIs play smoothly on my dvd player if i burn them as DVD video. While if I burn them as a data DVD, some of the playback smoothness is gone and the playback is glitchy.

The thing is, I can place two 1-hour episodes only of any show on a DVD if I burn them as DVD-Video, while I can do 10 episodes on a single DVD as a data-DVD. So burning as a data-dvd is much better space wise. It is also better time wise. Buring a DVD-Video takes at least 30 minutes while it takes 5 minutes to burn a data dvd.

This issue is always noticable with 1.4 GB rips of movies as well, while the 700 MB movie rips work fine.

Is this file encoding related or dvd-player related?


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Unlike software decoders on PCs, many DivX/XviD capable DVD players lack support for certain encoding features such as Global Motion Compensation, Quarter Pixel, Packed BitStream, 2 or more BVOPs and so on. If any of these encoding features are used, the encoded file may either become unplayable or it will play with frames being dropped.

The most common issue is encoding with Packed BitStream, which can easily be removed with the freely available tool MPEG4 Modifier. This tool will also show most of the encoding features used. First, I would recommend running this tool on an encoded file to see if it is using packed BitStream and if so, use the tool to remove this and give the file a try, such as using a rewritable disc. If this does not help, check which other features the file may be encoded with and if the file is encoded with Q-PEL, GMC or 2 or more BVOPs, try configuring the DivX (or XviD) encoder to not use any of these three options (if listed). XviD uses 2 BVOPs by default, so if you are using XviD, try setting this to 1 in the encoder configuration screen, assuming you’ve tried playing back without Packed BitStream to start with. :wink:

Worked perfectly after removing “Packed BitStream”, thanks Seán! Now out of curiosity, what is the use of this option “Packed BitStream”? what did i lose from the video (if any) by removing it?

So far, I have not found out anywhere that explains what is the main purpose of Packed BitStream, but from what I have read around, it is aimed at reorganising the B & P frames to reduce the delay of the picture on playback devices and software that support it in order to improve seeking time. Unfortunately, on players that do no support Packed BitStream, the reorganising of the B & P frames usually results in frames being dropped, resulting in a jumpy picture. This thread on doom9 is the only thing I can find that gives any useful information on it.