Watching MPEGs on TV



Hi, I have a newbie question…I burnt a bunch of mpegs to DVD, and they play fine in the computer’s dvd drive, but I want to watch them on TV with a standalone DVD player. I keep getting a disc not recogonised error on the tv. How do i make a viewable DVD?



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You can convert these mpeg files into vob files with a dvd authoring software like TMPGEnc DVD Author or dvd lab pro. Too bad, both are not free softwares :frowning:


What did you use to burn those mpegs to Disc?


I used a program called BurnForFree, and i must say this is the quickest response I’ve ever had in a forum!!! :bigsmile:


When you put the burned DVDs into the PC, what files are they in. Explore to see if they are already in VOB, IFO, BUP format. If not, then you will need to convert them to that DVD compliant format, as Geno suggested, in order to get your DVD player to recognise and play those DVDs.


They are still in mpeg I believe…thanks i’ll look into converting them. is there a free program that does this?


There used to be a free version of the VSO DivxToDVD, but it’s really hard to find nowadays. MediaCoder is a bit over the top, but if you’d like to try, be my guest.
So I’m afraid you will probably need to get something like what Geno recommended or VSO ConvertXToDVD, or 1Click DVD Movie.

You could use each programs free trial to convert as many as you can, and then decide if you’d like to purchase anyone of them.


uLead also has 21 day demos of their authoring stuff.


Download is right at the bottom.
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Thismight also be handy:


If those are individual .mpeg files in Mpeg2 format, then a DIVX certified player should recognise them.


… or if u insist try a freeware AVI2DVD