Watching Movies Straight from hdd

Hi all. Yes I’m a big time Newbie to these forums and I need some help. I’m looking for the easiest way to copy a dvd (movie which I own) to my hard drive then be able to watch it from my hard drive without having to put the dvd in the optical drive. I have access to Alcohol 120%. Is this possible? Are there any good tutorials explaining how to do this? (I have searched a little and haven’t found anything). Thanks for any help you can provide.

There are numerous softwares that can do this, and can put in on your hard drive in a variety of formats, including divx, avi, mpeg, iso image, etc. Just do some reading at and you will find more than you wanted to know.

Probably the simplest way is to create an ISO image with DVD Decrypter (from afterdawn) & when you want mount the image using a virtual drive (alcohol has one) & then play it as though the DVD was in your DVD-ROM.
If you want to rip it down to an avi file , which would be much smaller, then follow Rob’s link to DVDrHelp. There are also some good tutorials on the Video Edit forum here that are well worth a read.

Or you could use something like AnyDVD or DVD43 and simply drag all the files onto your HDD - DVD43 is free but won’t look at some of the newer Sony titles - AnyDVD you can get for a 21 day free trial - then you have to buy it - but will handle most movies out there - and it is updated very, very regularly.