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hello everyone im Joe not sure if im in the right place or not but i have a Question…here goes…why is it i cant watch newer DVD movies on my computer but i can older DVDS?? any help would be appreicated…thanks


That’s an interesting problem that really shouldn’t exist. What software are you using to play the movies? Are you getting any error messages, or warnings about region codes?

Try playing the newer ones with VLC media player. It is free to use and you can find it here:


Do youmean pressed Video DVDs or other ones and what dvd drive do you have?


Im using Dell Cine Player to watch movies with and my DVD Drive is TSST Corp+RW TS-H653A My computer is a Dell Dimension DIMC521 AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 1.80 GHz with 1 GIG of Ram O/S is
Win XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3


[QUOTE=chef;2506389]Do youmean pressed Video DVDs or other ones and what dvd drive do you have?[/QUOTE]

First part of my question remains unanswered…


@ chef ,The OP may not know what a pressed DVD is.
He posted his drive

[QUOTE=trigger_613;2507314] my DVD Drive is TSST Corp+RW TS-H653A [/QUOTE]

@trigger_613 , Try Kerry56 suggestion & try VLC player.
On the “newer DVD movies” Are you trying to play blueray discs ?
If that is the case then your drive won’t read (play) those.


if by pressed you mean like the ones you can buy are rent from blockbuster then yes pressed and just a regular DVD…down loaded and installed VLC player was able to watch Sherlock Holmes but couldnt watch Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel and im not getting any Errors or anything the movie just wont play


Maybe a bad disk. That happens sometimes. Have you tried it on a stand alone dvd player?


yes and it worked just fine


@trigger 613

Any extra boxes in the taskbar?
Is something else trying to start up in the background?


I have another suggestion. Download the trial of AnyDVD & run it before you load the
Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel & while trying to watch it in VLC player.
The reason for this is AnyDVD will remove copy protections.This is to troubleshoot to see if this is a copy protection problem.
If Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel will now play it is a copy protection problem.
If it doesn’t I think it could be a codec problem even if VLC is supposed to use it’s own codecs.


I doubt the OP needs AnyDVD or any other ripper to just play the DVD on his/her PC…Most likely a codec issue or bad disc…


does anyone have a site where i can download some codec’s from??Thanks


It would be interesting to see if it does play with AnyDVD in the background. The free trial for AnyDVD wouldn’t hurt anything to try.

I’m not a fan of codec packs and don’t recommend them, but if you must, do a Google search for K-lite or CCCP - Combined Community Codec Pack.


ok thank you


[QUOTE=cholla;2507634]Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel[/QUOTE] That’s already on pressed dvd?