Watching HD-DVD and Blu-ray on Computers

Is there already info posted about this as far as the DRM issues?
After reading the news item posted here on 2/2/06, I guess I should hold off buying a new display card for my HTPC. I have it connected to my HDTV, so I assume all I need is a compliant display card and a player/recorder? :doh:

Yes, it depends how the HDTV signal/content is transmitted, with or without “DRM”.

Well, that’s the point of my post.

So is there already a discussion going or should people add info here?
The news item said there currently were no compliant display cards. But are there cards out thet will reveive a software upgrade to make them compliant? Or do we all have to wait?

If I buy a card now am I flushing money down the toilet?

I doubt that very much because it will include licensing costs…

The Problem is with AACS implemtation with HDCP. So while HDCP is considered a secure digital Line, AACS is not finished yet and right now we are dealing with a Provisional license through HD-DVD (BR is going to be may to june at the earliest so AACS should be finished by then). Vid card manufacturers only in the last year figured out what AACS was going to entail and now figured out that they are no longer going to be HDCP complaint and have retroactively removed a references of support.

What this really makes me wonder is if the can’t include support for AACS on their video cards, then what seperates them from TVs? Does this mean that only TVs announced in the last 3-4 months support it. I have a feeling that this is going to screw everyone over and both techs will die horribly. Also doesn’ BR mean that the PS3 has to use HDMI/DVI if that does then I can see even more pissed off customers.

Only SAPPHIRE has shown an HDCP compliant X1600xt so far on the CeBIT.

From CyberLink’s website, a list of system requirement for blu-ray and HD DVD playback"

They also have a free tool to check if your PC is ready for blu-ray or HD DVD.

Gfx cardswith HDMI are available now from SAPPHIRE, MSI and PowerColor (ati).