Watching films on HD minus chapter breaks?!

Hi all, this is my first post in this forum. Ive been looking for an answer to my (very basic I think) questions about ripping for the last couple of weeks on and off. Any help would be much appreciated. First of all I’ve downloaded some of the basic software that I think is required: DVD decrypter, DVD shrink and WinDVD 4. I also have a dvd writer and a CD writer so I think Ive got most of what I need, except for the knowledge that is.

Ive succeeded in ripping a standard DVD to my hard drive and as far as I’m aware, Ive got the settings to make the copy region free etc. I know this is probably pretty basic but here goes. The film is downloaded onto the HD with a folder for each of the chapters.

If I want to watch the downloaded movie from start to finish, can I watch the whole film without having to open each chapter? Do I need some kind of editing software for this?

What is the purpose of shrinking the size of the file? Is this purely for saving space on the HD or for not copying unnecessary information? At what point do I shrink the file?

Lastly, do you have to decrypt a DVD first or can that be done during a direct copy from a player drive to a writer drive?

All tips appreciated. :confused:

Are you individually opening each VTS_xx_x.vob individually? You should be able point WinDVD to the folder or use it to open the VIDEO_TS.IFO.

And the point of shrinking is to fit it on a blank disc. If you’re not doing that, it shouldn’t really worry you.