Watching DVD's

Hi everyone
I have a problem with DVD’s which im hoping someone can help me with. My son is mad on Ben 10 and iv struggled to get hold of DVD’s in the UK so i bought some from the USA on eBay. My DVD player wont play these discs so i then downloaded some from the internet but there downloaded in rmvb format and my nero software doesn’t recognise it. Can someone please help me as to what i can do to get round these problems.

I believe you can convert Ntsc to Pal using ConvertXtoDVD . There are many similar programs that will do the job. DVDflick (freeware) is another one.

It was my impression that most PAL dvd players can handle NTSC dvds without problems. You may be running into a region code restriction, since US dvds are region 1 and you are in region 2.

You might be able to hack your current dvd player and make it region free. Look up the model at

If your player isn’t one that can be modified, you might look for a relatively inexpensive player like the Philips 5982 which can handle both NTSC and PAL, and is easy to make region free:

good advice from the others :slight_smile:

rmvb files use real alternative

Thanks everyone ill try these sugestions amd get back to you if i have a problem.