Watching a Korean drama

Hey guys. I’ve been watching yet another Korean drama. This one is a zombie apocalypse called All of Us are Dead.

The lead characters are all teens trapped in their school and at one point, they are trying to play music in certain areas of the school to distract the zombies. They have access to the intercom, but no phones and no internet access, so they are stumped on how to play music, until one of them points out a display on the wall that has a cd. That’s an antique, says one of them in reply. :smiley:

I’m surprised they still had an optical drive to play it. Koreans tend to be some of the most advanced users of tech in the world, along with the Japanese, and I found it amusing that they would view a cd as obsolete.

It would be interesting to see the percentage of sales in those countries… cds vs downloaded music. I suspect that among the teens and young adults, less than 1% still have cd players.

Edit: Oops, got the name of the show wrong. Now corrected.

By the way, now that I have the correct name of the show in the first post, you might be able to find it on Netflix.

It’s better than expected. The Koreans seem to make good zombie shows. The Train to Busan was excellent and I hear good things about Kingdom.