Watching a DVD from your HDD

This is what i want to do.

Using a 100mbit LAN connection to a Pc with a large HDD, i want to copy all my DVD’s (NOT ripped to Divx or VCD) to the HDD and then from my desktop PC i want to watch the movie.

is this posible ?
Is the Bandwidth of the LAN (100mbit) enough to watch the movie with no jitters, my pc is a p4 2g.

Next question, is how do i rip the movie to the HDD (keeping it as a DVD format, not divx or whatever) and then play it…what software do i use ?


Interesting I have never tried that before but I think that I will have to give it a try. At 100Mb I would think that you should be able to watch the movie alright. As far as getting the files to the hard drive just use smartripper to copy the vob files over the hard drive. Total space used could be any where from 4 gigs to 7 gigs most of the time.

I think its possible to do that, but im not exactly sure how. As for ripping the DVD just go here, and itll show you exactly how its done.

Use Smartripper to rip the DVD to your HD, make sure to get the .ifo file, and use your software player in “file” mode to do the watching by pointing the player to the .ifo file. This will let the player know to use the VOB files in the proper sequence. has a number of good guides for this and other DVD DivX VCD issues.

a couple of questions…

  1. Lotus24, how do i use my software in “File Mode”.
    I have cyberlink 3.0 (i tihnk thats its name)… what software is best for file mode ?

  2. i did some calculations and YES 100mbit bandwidth is plenty of room for the movies. 1 movie = 4.7mbit…then if you add on another 40% for protocol headers etc etc, you still have a lot to go. (thats not a question, i just realised :slight_smile: )

  3. what are the different types of files inside a DVD, IFO VOB ?
    and the 2 folders Audio and Video, my Audio folder is empty when i browse using windows explorer. what do they all do ?

i have 3 puters on 100mbps lan i dont have a single jitter using pwr dvd to play my svcd’s whether they be bin or mpg2 file… 1.8a northwood & 2 1.4 423s my daughters use, so your 2.0g cpu is plenty…

  1. Lotus24, how do i use my software in “File Mode”.

I am also using Cyberlink PowerDVD. I think I may have PowerDVD XP (which I think you can upgrade to for free from 3.0, but you don’t need to).

  1. Next to the play button when you bring up PowerDVD, there is a little button. Something like “select source”, or your can just press Control-O. Change it from The DVD drive to HDD. In PowerDVD XP, you can then go through “My Network Places” or “Network Neighborhood” and point it to the appropriate .ifo file on your networked computer.

  2. Press play - I know there are some steps in between, but they’re pretty straightforward. I don’t normally use PowerDVD to play DVDs, only to unlock my drive for Smartripper.

  3. Enjoy full on DVD joy from a networked HDD!

Check these links if you haven’t already read themFor HD playback and smartripper info, both are from a great site: Doom9

Hope that helps

if you dont want to rip them into VCD or SVCD then I would try using Nero to make an image of your dvd. Then use D-tools to mount the image and play from the D-tools virtual drive…

I am not sure if D-tools can mount images on a network drive though.